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Morning Shows Deserve Facebook Pages


Three clients have approached me in the last few months, all worried because the station they work for is threatening to cancel their Morning Show Facebook page. Not because their behavior on Facebook is out of line with the station brand, or because it is distracting them from the on-air product, but because they view it as a threat to the growth of the stations Facebook presence.

While I understand the need to streamline the on-air message regarding social media, I believe morning shows deserve their own social media accounts. Here are five reasons why:

1. A radio station is only as strong as its shows, its music, and its promotions. A show that is using social media to engage P1s and attract new listeners is serving more than itself it's serving the station as a whole.

2. A smart radio station Facebook or Twitter account represents all aspects of the station brand. This includes new music, artist news, promotions and contests, and shows. Because there are only so many posts that should be made in one day, the morning show has limited opportunity to promote their show and its content (typically within the time the show airs). Having their own Facebook and Twitter presence allows them to be a source of entertainment for listeners 24/7, creating brand loyalty and increasing tune-ins.

3. Fans like and follow radio stations for different reasons than they do shows or air talent. They expect the station to keep them updated with concerts, music news, contests, and promotions. They like or follow a show or air talent accounts to find out more about what theyve heard on the show, and to personally connect with the specific jock they love. Following a person and a brand are different, and they both have a place in social media.

4. Morning show talent almost always ensures their online presence is in line with the on-air brand. If they are growing a fan base online, its because they care about their brand and the shows success. They want to give listeners what they expect, and would not post any content that doesnt reflect the shows branding. Its unlikely they will behave badly Facebook isnt Vegas, so they know what happens there will always make it back to management.

5. Facebook is a great place to test on-air topics. Many shows use Facebook as a gauge by posting phone topics the night before. Often a topic they thought would be huge has no legs, evident by the lack of engagement on Facebook. And sometimes a small topic turns into a huge segment, as the show sees different angles in Facebook comments. Using Facebook to test topics makes the on-air product stronger, as it weeds out the topics that dont resonate with listeners.

And why not let the show keep their page?

If youre worried that the shows on-air promotion of their Facebook page is hurting the growth of the station page, set parameters.

If your station Facebook page lacks morning show presence because they only post on their own, set guidelines for when they must post on the station page.

Just dont cancel their account.

This is a controversial topic by nature. I welcome your opinions, as they may help guide compromise for management and morning show talent.

Stephanie Winans is Social Media Specialist and Content Curator for the Randy Lane Company and Stephanie Winans Digital. E-mail:

(1/16/2013 7:14:46 AM)
Thanks for your comment, Dave. You make great points- treating each platform differently and engaging, not selling, are both keys to success for talent and stations.

- Stephanie Winans
(1/14/2013 12:36:24 PM)
Good article. You might add, that different mediums need to deliver different content to "engage" their audience. FB likes are ultra heavy users. Video is the #1 engagement tool and they should include a Youtube channel as well as FB, Twitter. Creative talent can grow their audience by thinking of each medium a little different to spread their message. Always entertain and never sell.

Enjoyed the read-Dave

- Dave Presher

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