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Smulyan Convinces Sprint The FM Chip Is Cool


The press release came from Sprint but the heavy lifting was done by Emmis CEO Jeff Smulyan. With a target date of May, Sprint customers will be able to listen to local radio stations without having to download an individual station app or use up valuable and expensive data.

Emmis and the NAB have been developing a tuner called NextRadio, which is expected to be available later this year. The tuner will be the "app" on the face of select Android and Windows smartphones that will allow consumers to listen to their favorite local radio stations. It will also enable the radio industry and Sprint to generate additional ad revenue. Here's Emmis CEO Jeff Smulyan with more details on the deal.

Vice President of Government Affairs for the International Association for the Wireless Industry ( CTIA) told Radio Ink, "This is an example of how markets and private sector collaboration work to provide choices for consumers. We hope that this agreement ends any discussion about the possibility of a government mandate on this issue."

Consumer Electronics Association President Gary Shapiro told Radio Ink, "This is fantastic! Just the way it should happen. Cutting a deal without the government being involved! Everyone is a winner!"

NAB President and CEO Gordon Smith, said, "This opportunity combines the strengths of the Sprint network with the impact of America’s radio stations. It is the type of business-to-business partnership that recognizes the unique strengths of the wireless networks and the radio industry and provides services that are so important to the American people.”

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