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The latest issue of Radio Ink is now snail mailing across the country via the hard-working U.S. Postal Service. Unless, of course, you're a digital whiz which means you'll be getting your copy delivered instantly to your digital device. Our final issue of 2012, focuses on the success of so many radio stations across the Eastern United States during Superstorm Sandy. Radio was ready! This issue will also serve as a checklist for radio stations that may experience a local tragedy, which can happen without warning, and in any part of the country. Here's a preview from our story.

"As crazy as this might sound, when we spoke to managers during the storm, you could hear the excitement in their voices, how ready they were to deliver, and how proud they were watching their people. This, after all, is what being in radio is all about. The stress of the ratings battles or preparing reports or another phone call from corporate all take a back seat to an “all hands on deck” event. If not for the destruction they knew the storm was causing, all these folks might say that, despite the danger, they were having fun."

"NAB CEO Gordon Smith came out early, praising radio for providing vital information; he said, “Local radio up and down the East Coast went to extraordinary lengths to provide a lifeline for millions of residents before, during, and after Hurricane Sandy. While cable TV, the Internet, and cell phones were knocked out, broadcasters remained on the air with information people needed to stay safe.

"Experienced managers cite three stages for dealing with a massive local emergency: Managers need to tap in to their community contacts to stay connected during the crisis. They need to motivate their teams to be ready to work and be away from their families. And they need to show leadership, and no signs of stress."

This final issue of 2012 also includes our inaugural ranked list of the 30 Best Local Sports Talkers in America.
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