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You Ain't From Russia, So Why You Rushin?


Imagine reading a blog magazine or a book without punctuation none of the content would be memorable no points would stand out because without pauses sentences and paragraphs the message is unclear
Was that hard to read? Because thats what you sound like to listeners when you rush through breaks.
The combination of PPM and audience ADD causes many air personalities to rush through breaks or rattle off news stories, eliminating the opportunity to be memorable. Engaging the audience with a headline off the top is crucial. Once you have their attention, though, you can maintain it by pacing your conversation with distinct vocal punctuation.

Pause before and/or after important points to make them stand out. Inflect downward to signal the end of a vocal paragraph. Inflect upward to indicate that you are starting a new paragraph.
Racing through conversations and information segments without vocal punctuation creates a wall of sound. Nothing stands out and nothing sticks with the audience because youre hard to follow. Add everyday distractions to the mix, and your message is completely lost to the listener.
Also, fast talkers are often perceived to be either nervous or BSers. The key is to retain your energy AND take the time to communicate while sustaining brevity.
Think about the great media communicators who have made their points stick by utilizing dynamic vocal punctuation. Paul Harvey, Tom Leikus and Bob Rivers are just a few that come to mind.
S-L-O-W down, connect and make an impact! Be quick, but dont hurry. This paradox from storied basketball coach John Wooden means to be efficient yet complete. Many air personalities would communicate more clearly and connect with their audience by heeding this advice.

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Although Randy hasn't emphasized it here, it may also be worthwhile to: have something to say, an ability to say it and, most importantly, a green light to make the attempt.

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