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Pandora Sales Force Continues To Grow


CEO Joseph Kennedy says Pandora now has sales organizations in 27 of the top 40 radio markets and 17 of those markets have front-line sellers. The company now has 100 salespeople on the street trying to achieve Pandora's stated goal of taking revenue from radio. Kennedy says the plan is to hire more salespeople over the next few months.

Traditionally, Pandora hires salespeople in fiscal Q4 and Q1 because "that's when the best salespeople are available and they can be trained during the slower advertising cycle," according to Kennedy. He said, "What we do know is how to hire the right people and those people know how to bring on the ad clients we are looking for." Kennedy also spoke about getting on two platforms allowing buyers to see Pandora side-by-side with radio. The company would not specify what those two platforms were.

"The combination of increased market share and integration into ad-buying platforms, we will make our most significant investment yet in disrupting the radio advertising market."

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