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Broadcasters Foundation Looking For Guardians


One of the most important organizations in broadcasting is reaching out for a few "guardians." The Broadcasters Foundation of America has helped so many of our colleagues during a critical time of their lives, some have fallen on very hard times. The organization couldn't be there for those broadcasters in need without the generous donations of so many of you.

Some broadcasters now being helped by the Broadcasters Foundation have had illustrious and successful careers until they were overtaken in the prime of their lives by sudden catastrophic illness or a debilitating stroke for which their families were ill-prepared. Incredibly and sadly, many were without health insurance or government assistance of any kind. Some almost destitute. Your support also helps assist widows struggling to hold shattered families together following the untimely death of a spouse.

If you can, please support the work of the Broadcasters Foundation so they can keep doing the incredible work they do for our colleagues by making a donation today.

Please send whatever you can to the national office in New York City c/o our President Jim Thompson.
Here is the address:


Guardian Fund
125 W# 55th Street
New York, NY  10019
#Individual and Corporate contributions are fully deductible and may be made to the Guardian Fund of the Broadcasters Foundation of America, the broadcasting industry's officially certified and registered 501#c# 3 national Public Charity.#

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