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Host Suspended For What Caller Said.


The Jewish newspaper JTA is reporting that CHMP-FM (Montreal) host Jacques Fabi has been suspended after allowing a caller to make anti-semitic statements for four minutes. According to JTA, the woman said Holocaust was "the most beautiful thing that happened in history," and she compared Israelis to dogs. It may have been what Fabi said following the call that landed him on the suspended list.

The paper reported that Fabi said, "I wouldn't dare say something like that," about the Holocaust comment he allowed to air. He also said, "You know that in this democratic country, you can't ever say anything offensive toward Israelis because it could cost you dearly. You can't ever have negative views of any nature toward the Jewish people, or there will be serious consequences. That's how it is."

CHMP spokesman David Cote told the QMI news agency that Fabi's comments were "unacceptable" and that the station has issued "sanctions" against him.

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