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Fox Graduates 8th Class of Apprentice's


Throughout the year long program, apprentices are given a mentor which they meet with regularly. They attend seminars, workshops and meet with other executives of the various channels. Additionally, they can shadow reporters and anchors and get hands-on experience in the field. Maryland resident Crystal Berger (pictured) just graduated from the program. She's a FOX News Radio affiliates coordinator with a goal of becoming a reporter.

Berger tells Radio Ink, "Hopefully, I will be able to pursue my passion, and that is being a journalist. I would love to be a reporter and be able to go out and report stories, and also to do more hosting and interviews. That's my goal. I can say that originally, I thought that I wanted to do television full-time. But, from having a radio experience, I think with where media is going online, so many of the platforms now are intertwined. For me, it really doesn't matter. I just really, really love the art of journalism."

Berger says on several occasions, Roger Ailes would just stop by to see how they were doing. "He would just drop in some times to check on us, see how we were doing, asking us for feedback on the program. He was very active in the process. I was surprised that as busy as he is, he actually made a lot of time throughout the year to come and spend time with us."

Fox's apprentice program is open to both external and internal candidates, which includes interns, staff employees and freelancers. Internal candidates would have to be recommended by a manager. External candidates would email into the program for more information.

For more information about the program, go HERE