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Oxenford Says FCC Meeting Very Important


Broadcast Attorney David Oxenford says the November 30 FCC meeting to discuss LPFM and FM translators is one broadcasters should pay close attention to. The FM translator issue has been long and contentious, according to Oxenford. "In 2003, during the last FM translator window, thousands of applications for FM translators were filed. LPFM advocates have contended that the grant of these applications would preclude LPFM opportunities. After processing applications for a couple of years, the FCC froze the processing of all the remaining applications, and in 2007 announced that applicants would only be able to prosecute 10 of their remaining pending applications."

Oxenford says two controversial issues will be discussed at the meeting. "The effect that the thousands of FM translators that remain pending from the 2003 translator window will have on LPFM availability and how to deal with those applications and the interference considerations between translators and full-power stations, including issues such as second-adjacent channel interference waivers and the situations in which LPFM interference to full-power stations will require that the LPFM cease operations. For LPFM advocates and applicants, issues are also outstanding about the qualifications for LPFM applicants in an upcoming (yet-to-be announced LPFM filing window), including whether there will be obligations placed on LPFM operations for specific amounts of local program origination.

Oxenford says, "As FM translators have become more important to broadcasters as a way to reach more people with programming previously available only on AM stations and FM HD channels, the fate of the translator applications is very important. Full-power FM operators are also concerned about the prospect of increased interference from low-power stations. And the LPFM advocates want these issues settled, so the long-delayed filing window for new LPFM stations can finally open next year. The November 30 meeting will be a very important one for all of these groups."

Read the entire Oxenford Blog HERE

(11/13/2012 8:10:14 PM)
I thought FM stations were going digital? Why tie up translators to rebroadcast what you are already broadcasting? Why doesn't the FCC mandate receiver manufacturers to make all radios HD-capable? Why did the FCC do it right when TV went HD but lets HD radio flounder?

- Harry Kozlowski

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