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Mark Davis Paying Off Big For Salem


On his 3rd quarter conference call last night, Salem Communications CEO Ed Atsinger bragged quite a bit about the performance of talker Mark Davis. Davis joined Salem's KSKY-AM in Dallas back in May after his contract was not renewed by Cumulus at WBAP. Atsinger said ratings at the station were up 36 percent in the 3rd quarter and they continue to get better thanks to Davis. Third-quarter broadcast revenue at Salem was up 2 percent.

Like most other public radio companies, July and August were strong and in September the bottom fell out. Atsinger says October was up about 10 percent but November and December are pacing at a slower rate. In Q3 Salem took in $1.5 million in political advertising and year-to-date the company has booked $3.1 million, making 2012 the best year ever in  political advertising revenue for the company.

(4/13/2013 4:53:15 AM)
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- NY
(11/19/2012 1:15:43 PM)
couldn't agree more with Smitty - What in the hell Dickey was thinking really leaves one wondering if he has any bis sense at all. I like my new home on KSKY - I haven't tuned into BAP sicne Mark left!

- Michael
(11/9/2012 10:22:38 PM)
Lew Dickey wouldnt pay this guy. He was TOO expensive remember. Hes a ratings and revenue machine in market 5. More horrific decision making by guys named McVay, Pinch and Jeffries. Huckabee is no Mark Davis. Davis is local and Dallas.
Can someone tell me the last profitable move the Dickeys have made????
BTW Kudos to Salem. Nice move and nice catch from the fumbling Cumulus.

- smitty

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