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Digital Took in More Political Than Radio


The numbers are starting to roll in and radio's revenue woes during a monster political spending year can be explained in one word: Digital. It's the attraction of a younger voter that politicians went after and president Obama doubled up what his challenger spent on the web. Online advertising is expected to be the number two medium used when all the numbers are in, surpassing radio for the first time ever. A disappointment for sure for an industry that has tons of inventory, can turn around new ads quicker than any other medium.

Here are the numbers so far. President Obama spent $52 million on online ads while Mitt Romney spent $26 million. When all other political groups, like PAC's are added, Wells Fargo predicts that number increases to $311 million, beating radio by $41 million. Television took in over $3 Billion during this election cycle. Digital will account for about 6% of all 2012 political spending, compared to 65 percent for television.

(11/8/2012 7:45:58 AM)
Anybody else in radio notice that so many online ads are also more innovative, imaginative and, generally, just all-round more compelling? Anybody? Hello? Anybody home?
("Pollyanna's not here, man.")

- Ronald T. Robinson

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