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Abacast Secures Patent For Ad And Song Insertion


A big downer for broadcasters who choose to stream is the clunkiness of the transitions from music to commercials and commercials back to music. Even talk stations have issues with making stopsets work online, and have them sound as smooth as they sound over the air. Abacast CEO Rob Green (pictured) says his company was just granted a patent that will help broadcasters fix their online problems.

Abacast says there are a number of patents in this area that cover only one-for-one ad replacement but this new patent is unique because it covers the replacement of ads with ads and additional content types such as songs. The company says the problems broadcasters have had with some ad replacement systems was, due to the different lengths of inserted and broadcast content, dead air or clipped ads can result. This new service, Abacast says, produces a seamless stream, with the same  quality consumers are used to with broadcast radio. CEO Rob Green says, “Broadcasters need the flexibility to dynamically serve a variety of content types, including ads and songs, to their Internet audience in place of their broadcast advertisements.”

(11/7/2012 10:53:26 PM)
Really? - I heard Abacast also has the patent for discovering the world is round.


- Jerry

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