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Pandora Says it Continues to Take Share

Pandora released listener hours for the month of October and it says listener hours are up to 1.25 billion from 1.15 billion in September. The company also says it now has 6.55% of all radio listening being done in the United States. That number is also up from the numbers Pandora announced last month (6.53%). August was 6.3%. There is no verifiable research behind the percentage of total listening number Pandora releases every month. Pandora had 59.2 active listeners at the end of October, compared to 58.3 million in September.

(11/7/2012 2:28:44 PM)
When Pandora wants someone to believe its numbers, it will release the number of hours listening it pays royalties on, "press release" numbers mean nothing.

It's like the station that says it's "number one",,,but when you go to find it in the book, its got a .2 share,,same thing.

- Andy Collins

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