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All He Could Do Was Laugh


The normally colorful Ed Christian didn't disappoint yesterday as he went to his Executive Vice President Warren Lada's toy instant excuse 8-ball after revealing to investors and analysts that Saga had a less then stellar quarter. Christian was trying to "lighten" the mood after presenting his company's seriously flat revenue numbers for July, August and September. His top three excuses for not performing for the quarter were: "My fish died, we had car trouble, and we were all on jury duty." National was down significantly for Saga and political did not deliver the revenue numbers Saga projected. Christian said, "I'm not trying to make light of this. It was very trying and I just don't know why."

It has not been a lucrative quarter for many radio companies so far this year. Television, digital, even SiriusXM seem to be getting more of a revenue bounce in 2012. Earlier this week, Cumulus reported a revenue decline in Q3 and blamed it on 10 stations. Both Entercom and Clear Channel reported tiny increases, for the quarter, over last year. Radio One was up 5.3% and Entravision was up 6%.  

(11/7/2012 5:05:01 PM)
Bob brings up a good point. Numerous radio advertisers counting on trackable results, will not buy radio formats with those ridiculous cluster breaks. And it's funny how all the consultants on Radio Ink - who are quick to tell other people how to do their job, and who will throw salespeople under the bridge - run and hide, when the subject of radio's product being flawed with cluster breaks, comes up!

- Radio Man
(11/7/2012 2:54:13 PM)
Radio's dirty little secret...CLUSTER BREAKS DO NOT WORK!!...Want proof? Just look at the real-tine PPM numbers in metered marks... listeners tune out in droves, during these long long cluster breaks. Retailers and advertisers who track results are on to this, and have found more effective ROI alternatives. This is a key reason why radio as a whole is not growing. And the churn rate for new advertisers is jhigh, because their message is buried in the cluster breaks, killing their ROI potential.

- Bob

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