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John Hogan: "Expect More Dramatic Change"


In the November 19th issue of Radio Ink Magazine, which is our special 20th Anniversary issue, radio's top leaders discuss the future of our industry. It's an industry that has certainly seen a tremendous amount of change over just the past few years. One of those leaders we interviewed was Clear Channel Media and Entertainment CEO John Hogan, who said, if you can deal with change you can expect to do well.

"If the last five years are any indication, radio will continue to see, feel, and reflect dramatic change, and those willing to embrace the change will continue to succeed in the future. New and expanded distribution platforms, faster and more consumer-empowering technology, and increased competition will continue to create new challenges and opportunities for radio, and those willing to transform and adapt will be leaders."

20 years ago The Pulse Magazine changed its name to Radio Ink. Bill Clark was featured on our first cover. We've interviewed every successful air-talent, powerful executive and cutting-edge innovator the radio industry had to offer over the past two decades. Our November 21st issue includes 16 pages of comments from today's leaders, including Hogan, Bob Pittman, Dan Mason, Tim Westergren, Peter Smyth, Elvis Duran and many others who detail how the audio landscape will look over the next several years.

Hogan adds, "Consumers will continue to look for resonant, compelling content and the “experience” that makes radio what it is today. Great brands and content including personalities, imaging, promotions, events, and service elements will continue to be paramount, but it’s also important to deliver them successfully in a variety of ways so that the consumers get what they want, when and how they want it. Radio needs to let go of the past, push beyond just transmitters and towers, and continue to introduce new ways to reach users, deliver value and innovation to advertisers, introduce new technologies and platforms, and also embrace the digital age."

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