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Kassof Research Says Urban Listeners Might Switch


Research from Mark Kassof & Co. shows 54% of Urban station P1s would be “very likely” to listen to another station that began to deliver the same programming. That's much higher than the comparable statistic for any other format’s P1 listeners. At the opposite extreme, only 14% of Christian station P1s would be very likely to switch. News/Talk and Sports station P1’s have the highest percentage – 19% -- who say they would be “unlikely” to listen to a new, in-format competitor.

Kassof said, “Urban P1’s likeliness to switch isn’t based on dissatisfaction, but I think to their higher-than-average interest in radio. News/Talk P1s’ unlikeliness is about the credibility of the station they listen to most…something that takes years to achieve, if ever.” The Kassof findings are based on 732 online surveys of 18-64 year olds in the U.S. who can name a station they “spend the most time listening to.” Stations' formats were categorized based on their ID and market. The survey was conducted October 1-4, 2012. This research is the latest in a series of ListenerThinkTM surveys conducted by Mark Kassof & Co.

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(11/5/2012 9:18:12 AM)
The sample size of the black listernership of Urban stations is very underrepresented in this study and it could not possibly give a useful answer to the question.

- Ken Smikle

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