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Group to File FCC Complaint Against KDKA


Group claims the Pittsburgh station would not run a spot criticizing Senator Bob Casey's voting record. The Patriotic Veterans, an issue advocacy committee for veterans, says it will file a formal complaint with the FCC against KDKA this week. The group says, Our radio spot is presently running on 51 other stations in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. No other station refused to run this spot or questioned its substanceonly CBS affiliate KDKA in Pittsburgh.

Combat veteran Jim Nalepa said, We veterans have risked our lives in combat to protect the First Amendment right of free speech for every American citizen including ourselves. Its disgusting that KDKA refuses to run a radio commercial in which we criticized two of Senator Caseys military votes. We believe this is a classic case of prior restraint and media arrogance. Since it is my understanding that Sen. Caseys campaign has not filed a complaint against our ad to date, KDKA appears to be representing Sen. Caseys interests in this matter.

The two Casey anti-military votes mentioned in the ad were HR 2642 amendment 4817 (roll call 138# on May 22, 2008 which would have limited U.S. offensive military operations in Iraq and made our troops even more vulnerable to terrorist attacks, according to Patriotic Veterans, Inc. The other Casey vote which the ad criticized was his vote against the Semper Fi Amendment in which Casey voted for a $2 million appropriation to the Berkley California City Council after they had prevented U.S. Marine Corps recruiters from recruiting in the city. The amendment was sponsored by Sen. Jim DeMint, S. Con. Res. 70 #roll call 79), March 14, 2008.

(11/5/2012 7:44:55 AM)
Why doesn't the article give KDKD's side of the story?

- Paul Lotsof

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