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Day Three. 19% of Cell Towers Still Down


The East Coast continues to recover from the destruction of Hurricane Sandy. One of the issues the area is still deadling with is the communication infrastructure. FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski says a lot of work still needs to be done. "The supply of fuel to generators is essential to keep communications service up and running, and we’re working with federal, state, and local authorities to speed fuel delivery. This is a priority because our commercial communications networks are essential to emergency response and recovery efforts, as well as to commercial activities and connecting with family.”

FCC Public Safety & Homeland Security Bureau Chief David Turetsky says “Based on data from Thursday morning, the number of cell site outages overall has declined from approximately 25 percent to 19 percent. This figure includes many cases where cell sites that are otherwise operational are effectively inoperable because of outages in other parts of the communications infrastructure, which is highly interdependent." Turetsky says restoration efforts in the hardest hit areas – including New York and New Jersey – continues to be more difficult. Replenishing fuel supplies for generators that are enabling communications networks to continue operating is a particularly critical challenge.

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