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KROQ's Bean to Donate Kidney to Friend


Gene Bean Baxter of the "Kevin and Bean" morning show heard on CBS's KROQ in Los Angeles announced yesterday he'll be donating a kidney to Director of Engineering Scott Mason (pictured). Mason has been with the company since 1979. This will be his second kidney transplant. His first was in 1999.  On November 13, the two will go to Cedars Sinai, one of four hospitals in the country that have the ability to match Scotts blood type to Beans blood type and give him the much needed organ.

Here's a portion of Bean's blog about the kidney donation. 

"Im going to be away from the Kevin & Bean show a few days here and there over the next two weeks as I prepare for and recover from a surgery to have one of my kidneys removed. I am donating it to a friend of mine, and maybe one of yours if you are a long time KROQ fan, named Scott Mason. Scott has worked for the station for a very long time, at one time as a DJ and programmer, and in recent years as the head of engineering."
"Scott has had medical issues for much of his adult life, including his kidneys failing, and that led him to have a transplant from a cadaver back in 1999. Well, now that one has failed too and Scott is back on dialysis for many hours a week. The kidney processes waste out of the blood and without one your body is being poisoned all the time. The dialysis helps but is a temporary solution. You only get off the machine if you get a new kidney or you die."

Read the entire blog HERE. You can hear the two men discuss the issue on the air at the bottom of the page.

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