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(PROGRAMMING) An Interview With J.T. "The Brick"


J.T. The Brick joined FOX Sports Radio as the afternoon host in June
2001, and later became host of FOX GameTime React. Today, J.T. continues to deliver the latest sports news and information as he catches fans up on the days biggest events during his self-titled FOX Sports Radio overnight program. I spoke to J.T. about his career, the industry and his election prediction.

RL: You've obviously struck a nerve in the sports radio talk-show
business. What do you attribute your success to?

JT: My work ethic has been the key to any success I've had throughout my
career. I came from a sales background, and understood quickly that I
had to learn the business side of sports talk radio as I was
developing my on- air style. I enjoyed working long hours while
interacting with sports fans throughout the country, and always
understood that the audience had to be treated with respect if they
were going to stick around. My father will always remain my mentor and
he taught me at an early age that you need to outwork your competition
each day.

RL: I say the host makes the show, not the callers. You agree?

JT: Any good host controls the content and pace of their show, but good
callers and opinions can enhance sports talk radio. Hosting a national
show, I enjoy hearing the opinions of listeners in every market,
especially when they have a solid opinion or suggestion about what's
happening in their area in regard to a team or particular player.
Sometimes an educated fan who is a season ticket holder and lives and
dies with their local team or players may know a lot about a topic and
can benefit the show. I pride myself on giving strong opinions during
my show each night, and understand when to back up a solid caller who
makes a good point.

RL: How would you assess the state of radio these days?

JT: I'm excited about the state of radio as were slowly coming out of
this economic downturn. Sports radio continues to grow at an
accelerated pace and listeners continue to flock to this format. I'm
excited about iHeartRadio, satellite radio and other formats which
give listeners many choices for entertainment, and allows them to stay
connected 24/7. FOX Sports Radio and my show are available on all of
these. Working for Clear Channel/Premiere since 2001 has been an
honor, and it's exciting to see what lies ahead in the near future.
I'm always excited about sports because it's the ultimate reality show
and something exciting happens every few hours.

RL: If you didn't do sports-talk radio, what would you do?

JT: If I wasn't in radio, I would be in sales. To be successful in sales
you have to work extremely long, hard hours while building
relationships with valued customers. I would want to be in a career
where I could achieve my goals while having an unlimited upside. I'm
always thankful I decided to get into this business and have had
tremendous management and friends around to help achieve many of my
goals. I'm excited about what this industry has in store, and I'm
confident my best work is still to come.

RL: Who's going to win the election? Romney or Obama.

JT: I'm a political junkie, and cant wait for election day. Living
in Las Vegas, I have seen the worst of the political ads. I think its
going to be a very close election and its hard to say who will win -
I didn't think the San Francisco Giants would make the playoffs six
months ago, let alone win the World Series.

Rich Lieberman is a veteran SF Bay Area news blogger covering radio and TV since 2001.His media blog, "415 Media" ( is the #1-read industry sheet in SF.

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