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Managers Prepare For Challenges of 2013


As 2012 winds to a close, and stations try to finish strong, GM's across the country are putting the finishing touches on preparations for 2013. In the current issue of Radio Ink (featuring Julie Talbot on the cover) we've interviewed 50 great radio managers to get their perspective on the upcoming year, the challenges they expect and how they plan to overcome them. Here's a sample of what you'll read.

"We anticipate challenges next year to be similar to what we already face; a slow and inconsistent economy, making it harder to forecast. We  face a changing media market place where we need to adapt and engage our listeners in new and relevant ways. Peter Drucker put it simply, business needs to create loyal customers and innovate. Both will require investment, commitment and focus.  We cannot do business the way we did just a few years ago. A relationship with our listeners and our customers needs to evolve, go deeper and create more value than it did before. Its not just about getting an order.  Its about growing their business. We need to continually seek our customers input about how we can best serve them. To meet these challenges, we need to hire the best people, train them and give them the tools so they can do their best work.  In order to deliver the best for our customers, we first need to build a strong workplace. That means working together across departments like never before.  We need to involve all our people in the process, remove obstacles to high performance, align everyone to the same goal and reward them for their great work."

John Fullam
Greater Media


"The biggest challenge for 2013 will be an unstable economy. Retailers of every size and category continue to experience roller coaster sales so well have to build our plans assuming we wont get any lift from market-wide growth. Over the years we have adopted the attitude that acting as a team we can create our own success, even in the face of an uncertain economy. We operate with the understanding that a great deal can be accomplished when many people row together in the same direction. My job as the team captain is to steer us in the right direction."

Terry Gillingham
Vice President/General Manager
South Central Media



"In 2013 our biggest challenge is to continue to beat the market and to exceed our 2011/2012 successes both in rating and revenue. We have had year over year growth for the past couple of years and it is become an expectation of everyone in the building. We are constantly looking at every corner of our operation to improve what we are doing and have designed a system to make that work. We are confident that we will not only exceed our goals in 2013 but blow them out of the water! When your staff holds themselves accountable for what they are responsible for, you only need to guide/coach when they need your assistance."

Bill Fuerst
Market Manger
Clear Channel Media + Entertainment
Colorado Springs/Pueblo

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