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Morning Changes At WRKO In Boston


Jeff Kuhner takes over WRKO-AM 680 morning drive replacing Todd Feinburg and Michele McPhee. Vice President and Market Manager for Entercom Boston Jeff Brown said, This caps off a season of positive change for WRKO. Its the right move for our two most important customers, our listeners and our advertisers, and needless to say, Im excited about our future.

Kuhner has been with WRKO since January 2012 as a weekly guest on the radio station. He has filled in on every daypart as well, and his one-hour show, dubbed The Fastest 60 Minutes in Radio, launched this past August. Additionally, Kuhner will be a regular contributor to with blogs, columns, and weekly podcasts.

Kuhner, who has made the move to Boston, will continue to serve as the lead political columnist for The Washington Times. His column, which appears every Friday, is consistently one of the most popular in The Times commentary section.  Kuhner is also the president of the Edmund Burke Institute, a Washington think tank. He did his doctoral work at Ohio University and taught U.S. history at McGill University in Montreal from 1998-2000 before deciding to make a career change to journalism. He has made numerous national radio appearances and served as a frequent guest host on The Savage Nation.

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