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Many Cell Towers Failed During Storm


This is going to give broadcasters more ammo to push for the FM cell phone chip. That is, if they continue to be aggressive in promoting the benefits to consumers. During a conference call Tuesday, FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski said 25% of wireless cell towers and a quarter of cable services in 10 states were knocked out as a result of the Hurricane. Genachowski also said service would get worse before it got better.

Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Sprint Nextel and T-Mobile USA all reported problems. The cellphone issues covered 158 counties from Virginia to Massachusetts.

Genachowski asked the public to limit "non-essential" calls and to text, e-mail or use social media to communicate with family and friends instead of calling. Radio stations in the heart of the storm had wall-to-wall coverage of the storm, providing vital information to communities. When stations, such as 1010 WINS in New York City went down due to damaged equipment, they quickly went to an FM (music) frequency to continue broadcasting. The station could also be heard live online without interruption.

A fully powered cell phone with an FM chip broadcasting local stations could have kept those residents who lost power and cell phone service fully informed as Sandy made its way through the storm zone. A chip broadcasting local stations does not use the data network.

(11/4/2012 11:17:22 AM)
A cell phone with mobile Internet activated is draining the phone battery very fast. After 5-12 hours you have to recharge the battery or loose your connection. The reason for this is that mobile Internet is twoway, it have to both recieve and transmit.

A cell phone with FM have only to recieve. It means that you could use it for 3-4 days before recharging, with mobile Internet deactivated.

- Dennis Nilsson
(10/31/2012 7:33:58 PM)
Fuck all of you terrestrial radio leaches! You all got scammed by Struble! Stupid fucks!


- sick of this!
(10/31/2012 7:25:43 PM)
"That is, if they continue to be aggressive in promoting the benefits to consumers."


- Take a hint!
(10/31/2012 7:23:55 PM)
A mandate will never happen - Verizon and AT&T didn't even show up at that Congressional meeting where the NAB was going to display Struble's HD Radio cell phone scam. LOL!

- Radio frauds!
(10/31/2012 11:05:56 AM)
Every person I know on the East Coast had exactly zero problems using their phone for texting and email during the storm.

The idea that somehow radio towers are more robust then cell towers is just absurd, and further, what many of you don't seem to realize is that a cell signal isn't bound to a single cell site except in the most remote areas. In other words losing a cell tower didn't mean that people lost their cell service.

- Radio Storm

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