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NAB Says No To Coalition


The National Association was asked to be part of the new Internet Radio Fairness Coalition and declined. Clear Channel and Salem are the only two radio groups signed on, according to the press release sent out Thursday. Cumulus isn't really in the space and Entercom did not reply to our inquiry as to why they weren't part of the group. So we asked the NAB's Dennis Wharton (pictured) why the group turned the coalition down.

Wharton said, "The reason the NAB has not taken an official position on the Chaffetz Bill, though we support the concept of lowering the rates that radio stations pay when they stream music, as is reflected in this statement that we released when the Chaffetz Bill was introduced on Sept. 21: NAB appreciates the leadership of Reps. Chaffetz and Polis and Sen. Wyden and strongly supports legislative efforts to establish fair webcast streaming rates. NAB will work with the bill's sponsors and all interested parties to create broadcast radio streaming rates that promote new distribution platforms and new revenue streams that foster the future growth of music."

(10/26/2012 1:10:04 AM)
The NAB wants streaming rates to stay high because of thier investments in iBiquity.

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