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Why Auto Dealers Love Radio


Jack Jackson works for Zimmerman advertising in Fort Lauderdale. Zimmerman has been in business for over 25 years and it has made a lot of money representing automotive clients. The good news is they understand the power of radio and the success it can bring for automotive clients. Zimmerman's Jack Jackson is part of our November 5th special report in Radio Ink.

In that issue we interview automotive dealers and advertising agencies that specialize in automotive. We focus on the automotive rebound and how that affects the advertising they place on your radio stations. Jackson says, "Radio has been our bread and butter." In our interviews, you'll find that Jackson and others now focus on sponsorships they can own at your station. Here's more from Jackson.

"For us, it is the call to action. It is the constant to get the people into the dealership within that given month. It's switching up the messages and getting it going. Whereas TV, it's more of a three month deal. You want to get that brand going on TV and probably by about the third month of someone seeing these commercials, they maybe act on it. That's always been our philosophy. Many of the researchers have noted that. As far as radio, the message is always more aggressive. It can engage that listener to act within that weekend. By that Saturday, you'd better come into that dealership, type of thing. Gone are the days with hokey remotes. They don't work. We've definitely gone away from that. I've never done one in Boston, to be honest with  you. We do a lot more now with branding messaging. The traffic studios. The 5 o'clock hour. With radio you get those opportunities. Think of something and you can get it to happen. You can own that. If you come up with something, radio will be able to pull it off. Whereas with TV it's always "Oh, I have to get approval." It just isn't doable. There are a lot more rules and regulations on that end. Radio, as a whole has always been able to work with us more than that of another medium."

Jackson also discusses what radio can do to increase its share of the advertising revenue pie overall. And how paid search has become one of radio's biggest competitors.

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"I was at dinner last night with the President of a very reputable Mazda and
VW dealership. She was wondering why HD Radio wasn't working "according to
the promotion." I explained what was happening and suggested that, the new
cars she sold with HD expectations would be coming back. She notes that
this is so; her service folks can respond only by "trying another radio".
When that doesn't solve it, she has buyers trying to return cars. This
apparently is a serious concern among auto dealers. I suggested she have her I-T guy reach out for factual reports on realistic HD expectations...and then create a short bullet-point list for her salesmen, so they can lower consumer expectations during the sale of the car."

Yea, dealerships are luv'in HD Radio! LOL!

- Go iBiquity!

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