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Group Targets Clear Channel Billboards

10-21-2012 Update - Clear Channel to Take Down Boards
Clear Channel VP of Corporate Communications for Outdoor Jim Cullinan said in a statement, "We reviewed the situation, and in light of the fact that these billboards violate our policy of not accepting anonymous political ads, we asked the client how they would prefer to work with us to bring the boards into conformance with our policy. The client thought the best solution was to take the boards down, so we are in the process of removing them."


Liberal activist group "Color of Change" is demanding Clear Channel Outdoor take down billboards warning against voter fraud according to the Hollywood Reporter. The billboard ads say: “Voter fraud is a felony! 3 ˝ Yrs & $10,000 Fine," and they are being paid for by a private foundation. The billboards appear in black and Latino neighborhoods in Ohio and Wisconsin and the group calls them “one of the nastiest voter suppression schemes we’ve seen.”

Clear Channel issued a statement that Hollywood Reporter included in its story. It read: "Clear Channel Outdoor does not comment on our advertisers' ads. We are committed to ensuring that ads, including political ads, posted on our billboards have the appropriate disclaimer so this situation doesn't happen again in the future."

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