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Has The Arbitron Sample Size Improved?


We should get an update on the Arbitron sample size today. The Arbitron Advisory Council has been meeting this week and we'll get a condensed report on what took place during an 8:30 conference call. Following the last RAC meeting, Lincoln Financial CEO and RAC chair Don Benson (pictured) said, "Two major concerns were Arbitron's sample size and how quickly things get done." Benson said Arbitron's sample size is a "significant" concern and "we need to be in a better place" on sample size.

Back in May, Benson made it clear that broadcasters are not happy with Arbitron's sample sizes. And, when asked if he thought the sample size was costing the radio industry revenue, after a very long pause, Benson said the industry needs stable ratings. "I think that having stable ratings, that aren't volatile, that have a higher degree of reliability make for a more stable, reassuring medium to purchase. I think that it is important that we have quality there and the we have confidence there and that we have a level of assuredness there. Getting to a better sample is going to get us to a better place and going to make our industry look more solid. If you are sitting there as a media buyer and you see volatility in numbers, I think it makes you, at times, a little uncertain. We are asking for investigation into helping the sample in hopes of getting it to a more stable point, or what council feels is a more stable point."

We should also get an update on Project Leapfrog today.
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