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6 Flags Flourishes And Radio is a Big Reason Why.


James Geiser has worked at Six Flags since he was 16 years old. Today he is the Corporate Vice President of Marketing and Sales. Geiser is on the November 5th cover of Radio Ink Magazine. The reason he's on the cover is because Six Flags is a huge proponent of radio. "Radio has always been a great medium for us," he says. Geiser understands the power of radio, he knows how to use radio to drive traffic and revenue to the 19 Six Flags locations and the Six Flags story is one that radio can use to help spread the word about how important radio is in a client's marketing plan. Here's a preview of what you'll read, if you subscribe to our print issue, when it comes out on November 5th.

Radio Ink: Why do you use radio?
"We are able to connect with our audience, to bring our parks to life. For many years, radio was the promotional medium for Six Flags. That continues to be the case, but we are finding out how important it is to really leverage the strength of radio. That is the connection that we have with our local audiences. Our parks are in local markets and people are making specific choices to visit a specific park from their local market. They very much identify in their communities with the radio station. So, it's a great place for us to connect with those people that are connecting with those stations. We're learning to leverage that more and more by really doing a multi-media strategy within radio itself. Certainly a spot-buy, but also working with developing news to communicate through deejay chatter. Promotions that add value both to the station and our parks, and also how to get into their websites; the blogs of the talent; Facebook; and connecting on social media. Our consumers are interacting with media in so many different areas. We have learned that there is so much strength that radio still has in a number of different areas, other than just over the air."

Our interview with Geiser will help radio salespeople make a great case for radio. The success story of Six Flags is powerful. It's a brand that has been around for decades and radio has been a very important part of the Six Flags marketing mix.

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