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Ford Spends 25% of Ad Budget on Digital & Social


Scott Monty (pictured) is Ford's global digital/multimedia communications manager. In an interview with Business insider Monty said, "digital and social together occupy about 25 percent of our marketing budget." Monty says Social Media is a big part of how Ford reaches out to consumers and stays in contact with customers. Ford has 80 Facebook pages and they use an odometer to count up fans which is now up to 12 million across the globe. The Mustang alone has 4.5 million fans.

Monty also says Ford is a believer in advertising on Facebook. "We were very specific about that back in May right before their IPO. We said, look, we've seen it where when we use creative advertising techniques, engaging content, and good community management skills, this stuff absolutely works. We've been on Facebook since October of 2008 and we understand the community. We look for what they are looking for, we try and speak like them."

Ford also has a YouTube page, they are on Twitter, Flickr, Google+ and Instagram.
Read the entire Business Insider interview with Monty HERE

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