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Why Saga Went Branding


Yesterday in an e-mail to employees, Saga Communications Executive Vice President Steve Goldstein wrote a "Program Director is no longer just a Program Director, but a multi-platform Brand Manager." Yesterday, Goldstein explained to Radio Ink his thinking behind the announcement that Saga would formally change PD's to Brand Managers. "While many of our programmers have adapted well to managing multiple platforms, too often there was a sense of "business as usual" and it's anything but."

Goldstein says he wanted his people to take ownership of the platforms. "What's on the website, how does the stream sound, becoming better at Facebook. It's a lot to deal with and they need to be invested in all our assets. Silos. We can't have silos. The ESPN notion is our model.  Wherever people are thinking about, seeing, reading, listening to sports, they are there."

Goldstein says the PD change is intended to not only reflect how people in our business think about the position of PD but how PDs think about themselves. Weve been thinking about how successful programmers are morphing their skills to become proficient at not just managing the on-air product, but the overall brand.  And conversely, it has exposed the vulnerability of Program Directors who are not learning and growing as we become more digital."

Saga has always branded each market as sort of a separate entity of the company. For example in Portland, the cluster is called The Portland Radio Group. Goldstein says, "We are not McDonald's, but rather a collection of stations."

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