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Bob Grant Says He's Quitting To Get Attention


83-year-old Bob Grant does a one-hour Sunday show on WABC. He wrote a column that indicated yesterday would be his last show. On his website, in a follow-up post he wrote, "It was a mistake. It was not my last show. I wanted to get your attention since last week so many of you didnt know I was only on one hour. I got your attention but I upset a lot of people. I have had a lot of practice upsetting people. But, enough about me and that erroneous message."

The New York Daily News ran a story that said, "Conservative radio pioneer Bob Grant is hanging up his microphone again. And then changed his mind hours later, saying he would stick around for 'the foreseeable future,' a source close to the 83-year-old told the News. "I am not sick, I am just a tired of [being a] life member of the chorus," he posted on his website. Grant, who worked WABC three times between 1984 and 2012, added, I will miss you as much as you say you miss me.

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