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Bob Grant Says He's Quitting To Get Attention


83-year-old Bob Grant does a one-hour Sunday show on WABC. He wrote a column that indicated yesterday would be his last show. On his website, in a follow-up post he wrote, "It was a mistake. It was not my last show. I wanted to get your attention since last week so many of you didn’t know I was only on one hour. I got your attention but I upset a lot of people. I have had a lot of practice upsetting people. But, enough about me and that erroneous message."

The New York Daily News ran a story that said, "Conservative radio pioneer Bob Grant is hanging up his microphone — again. And then changed his mind hours later, saying he would stick around for 'the foreseeable future,' a source close to the 83-year-old told the News. "I am not sick, I am just a tired of [being a] life member of the chorus," he posted on his website. Grant, who worked WABC three times between 1984 and 2012, added, “I will miss you as much as you say you miss me.”

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