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Can AM Survive the Onslaught of Digital?


One of the hottest topics among radio operators - and the FCC - is what to do about the AM band. As time goes on, and as spoken word moves kicking and scratching to the FM band to attract the younger demo, what will happen to AM radio. Starting tomorrow, here on the headlines and on, we begin a long series of interviews on the topic of the AM band. You'll hear from AM operators all over the country, like Tim Cutforth who says, "I think it's a shame we would abandon analog AM without ever truly optimizing it." You can also read the many comments we've already received in the link below. And if you have an AM Radio story you'd like to get "on the record," contact

(10/4/2012 5:10:59 PM)
With a few AM stations you can communicate with the US population who can receive you with nothing more than an earphone, diode, a few capacitors, and some wire. Further, you can navigate with it too. FEMA doesn't know what it has. Aside - it's so cool. It would be a shame to see it go.

- Keith
(10/4/2012 9:26:46 AM)
That's a picture of my Volksemphanger!

- Bob Struble

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