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The Rush/Fluke Issue Was "Frightening."


Julie Talbott was recently promoted to President of Content and Affiliate Services for Clear Channel's National Media Groups. Talbot oversees 400 employees and manages affiliate relationships for Premiere, Total Traffic and iHeartRadio. She's one of Radio Ink's 40 Most Powerful People and she's on the October 22nd cover of Radio Ink Magazine. Former Premiere President Kraig Kichen says Talbott is one of the absolute top network radio executives over the past two decades." In the interview, we ask Talbott about the impact of the Rush/Fluke incident.

The Rush Limbaugh comment about Sandra Fluke generated a lot of attention. Some would argue most of that attention came from groups who've been trying to take Rush down for decades. They thought they finally had him. Very few affiliates dropped him and the issue eventually died. Although Cumulus did try to use the issue as a wedge to help promote its new 12-3 talker, Mike Huckabee. Limbaugh, still going strong, will celebrate 25 years on the radio in 2013.

Our question to Talbott in the October 22nd issue of Radio Ink was: Looking back on the situation with Rush and how that played out and did it really have an impact?  Talbott said, "I would say that we really need to quit thinking about it, about what happened with Rush. I view this as more about special interest groups who are really trying to put a limitation on what listeners can hear. The way they're doing that is to overwhelm our advertisers. I think that is a really scary place to be. I don't care which group it is. I don't care what side it is. These very special interest groups are very frightening to me because there are not a lot of them, but they sure make our advertisers like there are. It is an issue that we need to continue to explore with our advertisers, so that they really understand how many people are actually making this kind of noise."

We also discuss the departure of Jim Rome from the network, where the next great talent is coming from, her journey from Bluegrass Kentucky and much more. To subscribe to Radio Ink in order to read Talbott's incredible journey to the top go HERE. Digital subscriptions delivered immediately to your iPad are only $49.00

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