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Presslaff: "Zip Codes Are Vital in Radio Sales"


Ruth Presslaff has released a new white paper for radio stations called, "Lucrative Opportunities in Zip Codes." Presslaff says, "This kind of targeting is perfect for local direct clients. It allows you solve problems for clients by targeting their most likely consumers, those in the client’s backyard, and giving them a reason to visit the client’s location. Once you’ve established your audience as the advertiser’s customer, ratings become irrelevant.  The advertiser needs you. This isn’t conjecture, it’s proven fact." Presslaff is offering her white paper to stations at no cost. 

Presslaff says zip codes and mapping turns Cume, AQH and TSL into more relatable terms like “neighbors” and “customers”. "Using zip codes when selling allows stations to visually display (using a Google Map for instance) where listeners live.  Or even better, show the location of  their active, opted-in listeners, who are looking to buy a car or upgrade their kitchen, as it relates to a client’s trading zone area.  That changes the conversation from radio-speak about ratings to addressing advertisers’ concerns about finding new customers."

And using zip code data to sell will help radio sellers stand out according to Presslaff. "Unfortunately if they’re not doing something as basic as using data, such as zip codes, to sell they’ll be out of the buy. Clients know this information. The tools to act on it are available and already in use by multiple media, social and otherwise. Radio must develop this depth of data and be able to speak to this kind of targeting. Between the sophisticated targeting that social media provides and the sophisticated targeting many radio, print and television stations are already doing, this has already become a required part of the sales process."

Download the white paper HERE.

(10/3/2012 11:44:33 AM)
Good stuff Ruth. The faster Broadcast moves towards proper analytics the better they serve listeners, viewers and advertisers.

- dave presher

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