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Cumulus Confirms Bill Bungeroth Is Out


In March of 2011, Bill Bungeroth was brought back to Cumulus to run the San Francisco market. Cumulus has confirmed that Bungeroth is no longer with the company, although no additional details are available. Senior Vice president Gary Pizzati will run the San Francisco cluster until further notice. Bungeroth co-founded the Cumulus radio group, and was named Cumulus’ initial President and CEO.


(10/3/2012 11:21:36 AM)
It would be difficult to imagine that morale could actually get any lower at the SF Cumulus cluster.

- some guy
(10/2/2012 6:43:28 PM)
Just tells you how far loyalty goes with the Dickeys. They fire the founder of the company that they hired back to help them. Things must be ugly with pacings at Cumulus and the corp guys are readying the excuses for the quarterly conference call. I PREDICT that San Fran is mentioned as a reason they are doing poorly as a company. Lew John and Pinch NEVER take the blame for any of their poor decisions - which are constant.

Cumulus stock has done nothing but died. Tells you the wall street guys know alot about radio.

- smitty

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