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Station Contest Under Investigation.


A Connecticut NBC Television affiliate is reporting that WCCC in Hartford ran a contest with several local advertisers, didn't follow through on the prize it promised, and the listener is upset and taking action. Michele Mele won a contest for up to $10,000 worth of repairs to her vehicle. She told NBC, "I was so grateful that someone would do something that nice for somebody." But Mele says the repairs were not made and now the Department of Consumer Protection is investigating.

Mele suffers from lung disease and lymphedema and uses a wheelchair at home. Her SUV needed repairs so she could get back and forth to therapy. She told the station, "When they brought the car around, I almost burst into tears. Nothing was done to it, it looked exactly like it did when they came to pick it up." The NBC affiliate was unsuccessful at reaching anyone from the station for an explanation, which is owned by Marlin Broadcasting.

Read the entire story from the NBC affiliate HERE

(10/5/2012 11:16:03 AM)
Don't miss the followup explaining how WCCC made this more-than-good, and WMRQ jumped in to help her further...!/investigations/video/Radio-Station-Makes-Good-on-its-Promise/172768101

- Dennis Jackson

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