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Attorney: "We had 48K Listeners." Ustream Disagrees.


A few days after breaking ties with TRN, Michael Savage was broadcasting live on UStream. Today, his attorney wants everyone to be clear about how many listeners tuned in to that surprise event. Savage turned up on UStream at about 8 p.m. ET Sunday night. He hinted that big announcements may be coming. "I've been on the radio 18 years and that may or may not continue. I'm out there in the wilderness right now, where I want to be." Savage broadcast for about one hour.

Savage's attorney, Daniel Horowitz, who did not return several telephone calls over the past two days, believes Savage had 48,000 people listening and took issue with our original story. Fair enough. At the time we posted the story about Savage, the UStream website indicated Savage had approximately 5,000 "current views" with "total views" in the tens of thousands. The 5,000 listeners we originally reported certainly was not the final number Savage would end up with. It was much more than that.

But while Savage's attorney claims his client had 48,000 views, the final UStream total lists that count at 45,560. Savage's UStream broadcast was bolstered by a top headline posted by Matt Drudge on Sunday night.

As a result of our original story, Savage's attorney sent the attached threat of legal action to Radio Ink. In no way were we attempting to indicate that Savage is less popular than he is. He even told his UStream crowd of thousands on Sunday night that if he had the proper distribution he could beat Rush Limbaugh. Rush might have something to say about that. In 2013, Limbaugh will celebrate 25 years on the air, most of those years as the most listened to talk show host in America.

Radio Ink would like to wish Mr. Savage the best of luck wherever he lands in the future.

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- iYleNnJrGCOBjCdGaz
(10/24/2012 10:25:47 PM)
Michael, Your voice is now dialed in.

The Very Best to You!

- John
(10/24/2012 9:30:38 PM)
I sure hope Savage looses this quiet over polite demeanor on his NEW RADIO SHOW!

Maybe that was part of his new contract?
The sound man needs to give him more Bass in his Voice. He Sounds like his nuts were clipped.Just One Man's Opinion....

(10/24/2012 6:45:12 AM)
Superb posting, I share the same views. I wonder why this particular world truly does not picture for a moment like me and also the blog site creator :D

- Jeremias Tamayo Paz

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