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Owner Tom Anderson Dies at Age 72.


Long-time radio station owner Tom Anderson died Thursday morning. Anderson was the owner of Eastern Utah Broadcasting.  His son Paul sent the following e-mail to a friend, "For many years my dad would wake up at 4:44 each morning and headed into work at around 5:45.  He passed away this morning surrounded by his family at around that same time.  If there is anything he ever was, it was consistent."

WIXE (Monroe, NC) President Archie Morgan said about Anderson, "He and I were both members of the International Broadcaster's Idea Bank and knew each other through Radio Conventions.  Tom was always helpful and we would always speak at these conventions but I really did not know him well or for many years.  This is why I was surprised when he reached out to me. A few years ago out of the blue Tom called me and said that he would be in Charlotte for a meeting and would I like to get together for dinner? You kidding me?  I jumped at the chance to spend time with Tom who forgot more than I'll ever know about this business. We had a great dinner and shared a lot of information with each other about our operations and about the business in general.  I recall not wanting to leave the restaurant. I often wondered why Tom would reach out to me like he did.  I am just a lowly one-station operator but, you know what,  I wasn't to Tom and I never forgot that. I will really miss him and am truly sorry for his passing."
Anderson owned Eastern Utah Broadcasting. He was adopted and raised by Jack Richards who owned the company before him. He was raised in Price along with a brother and a sister after their father left them. Tom's mother died when he was 17 years of age, leaving him with no place to live and a year of high school left to complete. He moved in with his newly wed sister and brother-in-law to complete high school. Shortly after the beginning of the school year his speech class teacher, Neil Warren told him about a part time job opening at the radio station and encouraged him to apply. Tom got the job and during the course of the year he and the childless Jack Richards became acquainted and they were impressed with his desire to leave to attend the University of Utah. Jack called an acquaintance, Slim Wycoff, who owned a trucking company in Salt Lake and arranged for a job for Tom. Following graduation from the University of Utah with a BS in Marketing, Tom returned to Price to serve as salesman/manager for the Richards.