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Armstrong & Getty Are Back on The Air


The duo had been absent without explanation from KSTE-AM in Sacramento  for two days when they made what some described as incendiary remarks about Mohammed. When they started the show Wednesday morning (with the Muslim call to prayer) they said the suspension had nothing to do with what they said, and in fact Clear Channel has never told them what they could or could not say. "It was an internal company thing which we were asked not to speak about." Apparently they were suspended for sending out a fax without getting company approval.

A&G fans created their own Facebook page in support of the morning team, clamoring for an explanation about where their favorite morning show is. And, as we've seen before, sometimes not saying anything about what's going on creates more of a buzz than when you do. Armstrong & Getty said this morning they received a lot of support from listeners and sponsors. The entire episode certainly created a lot of buzz for them. They picked up a ton of local press and mentions in all the radio trades.