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Fear And Intimidation Are Not Creative


It doesn't matter if he's speaking to local advertisers for an affiliate station or to consumers who love his books, there are never enough chairs at a Dave Ramsey presentation. The successful talk show host, best-selling author, and hard-driving entrepreneur shared his no-nonsense approach to success with the radio industry Thursday where he emphasized how much people matter. He said, "You can't expect loyalty back when you're not loyal."

Ramsey spoke about how in his own business, which now employs 350 people, he does not lead by fear and intimidation. "People matter," he said. "Incredible culture matters. Slow and steady matters."

The digital world wreaked a little havoc even for Ramsey. He spoke about how his website generates tens of millions of dollars in revenue each month, and how at one time 95 percent of that revenue was coming from his website, 5 percent from mobile devices. Every year revenue had been growing.

But one year revenue growth slowed, and it freaked him out. After researching the issue, Ramsey discovered that in a 12-month period, how his fans were purchasing his product had completely flip-flopped: 95 percent were purchasing through mobile device, 5 percent through his website.

Ramsey proceeded to make it a lot easier for his fans to purchase products through a mobile device, and solved the sales issue; he said, "We've made it so easy to purchase a book on your phone you're going to want to buy two."

The Dave Ramsey Show is heard by over 5 million listeners each week on more than 500 radio stations and the Dave Ramsey Channel on iHeartRadio.

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