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Marketron Debuts Insight Reporting Tools


Marketron launches Insight, a new service that, the company said, organizes data across markets and platforms to "provide consistent and comparable information for powerful cross-market and cross-platform reporting."

Marketron President/CEO Jeff Haley said, "With the launch of Insight, we are pleased to announce a best-in-class reporting tool to our customers. Marketron is dedicated to advancing the industry by offering solutions that will allow  broadcasters to make better business decisions through increased transparency across their organizations."

Greater Media Chairman/CEO Peter Smyth added, "Collaborating with Marketron in the development process behind Insight has proven to show effective new features and functionalities. These new offerings will help Greater Media continue to grow our business and move the industry forward."

Insight's Web-based tools are accessible from any connected device, and Insight offers reports via dashboards and with customization allows customers to look deeply into data without having to wait for internal reports to be set up.

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