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Radio Ink Kicked Out of Secret Digital Meeting at Radio Show


After being berated by Cox Media's Sandhi Kozsuch for printing his entire agenda (see his agenda in the next story) without his permission - and told not to do it again - Radio Ink Editor-in-Chief Ed Ryan was told he could not cover the "Future of Digital Radio" meeting Kozsuch organized. This picture was as close as we could get. It was certainly a who's who of the radio industry inside the room. Outside the room, Kozsuch said, "this is America, can't people have meetings?" We think, labeling a gathering with some of radio's biggest group heads, "The Future of Digital Radio," is a pretty big deal that deserves to be covered and out in the open. Kozsuch hinted that this meeting was a result of other groups having a digital strategy, such as Clear Channel. Neither Clear Channel or Cumulus are represented at the meeting. Here's what else we heard about the meeting, from people in attendance.

This is not just a review but it is a consortium. These groups are working together to select one vendor to create a new digital solution, which they will all agree to embrace, allowing them to compete with the "big guns". So its not just listening, its a joint effort to combine in this area. All participants have been sworn to secrecy and not reveal that this meeting or consortium exists.

Contact Ed Ryan in Dallas at the Radio Show at 239-247-3833

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