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SDS Introduces SalesTouch CRM System


Sales Development Services (SDS) announced the launch of SalesTouch, a new Customer Relationship Management platform designed specifically for salespeople. The company says SalesTouch analyzes advertiser spending history and revenue trends and offers specific strategies to retain existing accounts, maximize revenue opportunities, and empower AEs to better manage their time. SalesTouch Mobile for the iPad, iPhone, and other iOS devices is available now in the iTunes App Store. Users of Android smartphones and tablets can download SalesTouch Mobile in the Google Play market.

SDS CEO Lee Smith says, We didnt want to build another CRM that just counts what you sell. We wanted to build one that actually helps you sell. Thats why the design of this CRM system was based on a very simple premise: The only thing more important than what youve done for an advertiser is what you do next."

To learn more about SalesTouch, go to

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