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Roy Wood Confirms He's Out at WBHJ Birmingham


Cox and Roy Wood both confirm that Wood is leaving the morning show and that the "confusion" on the air last week was merely a stunt. The local newspapers were not aware the changes were part of a plan, when one of the show members claimed he came across a corporate e-mail canceling the show. The station received quite a bit of additional local exposure. Market Manager David Dubois says, "Roy is doing his acting thing.  The three remaining players are staying. All else remains the same. Roy has not been on the show in three months. The part about the rest being fired is a prank." And, here's the statement from Wood.

"I'm proud to have had the chance to entertain the good folks of Birmingham every morning on 95.7 FM. Sadly, the day of no longer has arrived. This has been an amazing year for me! I joined the cast of a hilarious comedy show, which was picked up for a second season, and still managed host the number one morning radio show in Birmingham, Alabama. However, it would be impossible to keep up that pace forever. So for the sake of my health and my momma, who still has a dream of me giving her grandkids one day, I will comply with management's decision to end the Roy Wood Jr. Morning Show. I hope I have entertained you. I hope I educated you. I hope I brought us all closer, because that is the true purpose of all media. It was a pleasure!"

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