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Shazam Exceeds a Quarter of a Billion Users


Shazam says it has exceeded a quarter of a billion users globally. Shazam also announced that it has expanded its Shazam for TV second-screen service in the U.S. to support TV programming on any channel, anytime of day. Now, Shazam fans can use the app as a TV companion app with any TV show in the U.S. to access cast details and photos, music in the show, celebrity gossip, trivia, celebrity tweets, and links to additional information, plus the ability to instantly share and comment on the show or episode on Facebook and Twitter.

Starting today, when people in the U.S. use the Shazam App while watching television, they have a fast and easy way to access:
Featured music Shazam has leveraged its rich music history and its 20+ million track database to identify the music featured in whatever people are watching
Cast information the app will list the cast featured in the program, guest stars, as well as other shows theyve been in
Trivia fans can learn more about their favorite program and even read about the occasional goofs with the trivia feature in the app
Celebrity buzz gives fans all the latest gossip about the show and the stars in it
Social sharing live Twitter feeds as well as commenting in the app makes it fun to talk with your friends about what youre watching
More information convenient links to show-related information at IMDB, Wikipedia, and the official site for the show.