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Is it Time to Kill That Clunky Stream?

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What to do about Streaming your over-the-air signal is sure to be a hot topic next week when all the big-wigs gather in Dallas for the 2012 Radio Show. Many groups are considering going the Saga streaming route and dumping ad-insertion technology due to the time and effort it takes to implement and the lack of money it produces. 10 years ago many broadcasters were confused when they discovered streaming the over-the-air signal wasn't exactly what every advertiser wanted, without someone in the process getting a little money anyway. Should that concern you anymore? Or should you simply turn the switch off and clean up those clunky transitions for that delivery you are much more proud of. We spoke to the National Associate Director of SAG/AFTRA Mathis Dunn and asked him to clarify the rules for you. Here's our INTERVIEW

(5/20/2013 5:51:51 PM)
I really wanted to hear this audio but when I click on the links I get a go daddy message. Are these links still live somewhere?

- Brian Foster
(9/22/2012 3:06:24 AM)
It's all being taken care of for you. It's rolling out. Please see what we are doing here:

- Robin
(9/17/2012 8:48:32 AM)
Maybe it is time to turn off that clunky transmitter because of the static on the outskirts of town. Sorry, maybe I am confused because it is 5am as I read this, so I am going to drink coffee and try to omprehend this artcle again later.

- Ron Erak
(9/14/2012 9:46:15 AM)
Well that's as clear as mud.

For anyone who wants to cut to the chase, the chase is this:

1. It is NOT so that you can simply - and with impunity - simulcast your station on your stream.

2. Many of Ed's questions were of this type: "If we do it anyway, will you catch us?" and the answer was "maybe"

3. The premise of the Q&A was that ad replacement diminishes the sound quality of the stream. Something which is abjectly false if simple best practices are followed.

- Mark Ramsey

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