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Is WFAN's Mike Francesa Bored With The Yankees?


It's happened to the best of us. We're sitting at our desk in the middle of the afternoon, having spent too much time in the same chair, staring at an obnoxiously loud television-sized computer screen, and it just happens. We fall asleep. No big deal, a few minutes later we wake up feeling energized by our six-minute power nap. Well, for most of us, that never happens on TV. The wildly popular New York Sports host seems to have fallen asleep in this video clip, but you wouldn't really know it until the end when Francesa looks a little lost. This one's going viral for sure. Francessa, along with Boomer and Carton from WFAN, are featured in our upcoming sports issue. And for the record, Francesa DID NOT fall asleep during our interview.

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