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If you've ever heard FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski speak you might think he's an expert on technology. He certainly highlights the importance of expanding the Internet and Broadband to help grow the U.S. economy in every speech he gives. You would also think with all that Webspeak, the FCC Chairman would be well versed on how to use Twitter. #youwouldbewrong.

As Katy Bachman reports in AdWeek, Genachowski's first attempt at a Twitter press conference "bombed" because he forgot the hashtag. Bachman writes that Genachowski wasn't tagging his answers with the #askjulius hashtag that participants were using to send him questions. But it gets better. According to Bachman, the FCC wanted reporters to let the technology snafu slide. "Not only did the FCC appear Twitter illiterate, but the agency made it worse by trying to convince other reporters not to write about the great Twitter chat debacle. Instead of a simple "mea culpa" or "we learned our lesson and we'll do better next time," the FCC tried to cover it up. And in Washington, cover-ups rarely work."
Read the Bachman piece and the frustrated tweeters HERE

(9/11/2012 10:48:49 PM)
Oh, my. Someone made a mistake. That clearly invalidates anything and everything they've ever said or done.

- Steve

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