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(AUDIO) Behind The Scenes At Merlin's News Adventure


Brendan Greeley was taking it all in on Day 1 of Merlin's female-focused all-news station. Hired without a formal interview, Greeley was one of the first four people hired and he would soon be surrounded by an all-star team made up of some of the biggest names in radio news. All of them excited to be working together creating a format that had never been tried before.

Greeley writes about the year he spent at Chicago's FM News station in an essay on the Steve Dahl website. He resigned one day before the "envelope meeting." Greeley, who's now happily employed by Dahl, details the excitement of the launch, how the idea to focus on females was demeaning, the agony of the non-existent ratings, how the staff was told they had three years to make the format work, the small and never-ending tweaks to the format, and much more. Listen to our interview with Greeley HERE

Read his essay on the Steve Dahl website HERE

(9/11/2012 4:11:01 PM)
Programming entirely for "Susan," a silly, sappy, shallow 38-year-old. Avoiding sports to the point of not allowing mentions of Bears games as the reason for traffic congestion. Putting up a billboard that says "Light's On. News is On." What??!! Tossing Mancow into the mix. If industrial-strength incompetence were a felony, Michaels & Co. would be on death row.

- John Mainelli
(9/11/2012 1:35:37 PM)
Great article, Brendan! I tried to listen to that station throughout this whole thing and it's interesting to hear the behind the scenes. PS I think you have a career in freelance print writing too.

- Amy

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