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Nancy Haynes is a media buyer in Charlotte, North Carolina. If all media buyers loved radio the way Haynes loves radio, 7 percent of the advertising pie would be nothing more than a distant spec in radio's rearview mirror. In this week's sales meeting podcast, Haynes gives specific client success stories using radio. She talks about how she tracks R.O.I. for her clients. She details how she uses radio, what she thinks about radio station streams, and what she would do if a Pandora rep came knocking on her door. Most importantly, Haynes says if radio were to lose half of its entire audience, it would still be a better buy than Internet radio. Are you that confident when you call on a client? Note to radio's Top 40: Nancy has a very unique idea to help educate the next generation about radio. And, she's willing to lead the charge.

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Regarding a Collins, Haynes & Lully website, we have one but took it down for a while because of technical issues. In that we accept new clients only by referral, we don't need to be reached through the web. Kathy (do you work for Pandora?), I assure you that we spend tons of dollars with this "21st century" ad medium. I know how to use it for my clients -- and use it productively. Also, my comment about radio losing half its audience was meant to cover more than just internet radio -- i.e., broadcast radio could lose half its audience and still be a more efficient/effective medium than nearly all other traditional media, including TV, outdoor and print.

- Nancy Haynes

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